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    方管市场价格继续下跌。近日方管市场保持疲弱走势,带动现货市场价格持续阴跌,市场成交也在方管厂家“买涨不买跌”的心理影响下显得清淡。从供应端来看,目前各方管厂家生产 相对稳定,且4、5月份钢企检修复产情况较少,因此,整体资源产量变化相对不大。需求端而言,由于临近淡季,有一定萎缩,据兰格网统计:全国29个重点城 市方管总库存量在99.59万吨左右,由降转升,可见需求确实下量。另外,钢铁重镇邯郸武安库存保持在20.6万吨左右,仍呈下降趋势,这反映出本区域市 场资源消化力度仍旧不低,且据方管市场反馈,由于目前邯郸武安价格偏低,资源辐射范围扩大,发往外围距离加长,资源加大,因此,本地资源消化速度较快较明显。 总体来看,若后期环保加紧钢企减产,加上终端需求下滑,市场情绪低落,经济压力及不稳定外围因素影响,从而使空头占优,价格承压。今日来看,期螺尾盘反弹 拉升,但幅度较小,故国明日内方管或仍保持弱势格局。

    Market prices continued to fall. Recently, the market has maintained a weak trend, driving the spot market prices to continue to slump, and market transactions are also under the psychological influence of the manufacturers under the control of the party "buy up, not buy down". From the supply side, at present, the production of various pipe manufacturers is relatively stable, and in April and May, the inspection and repair production of steel enterprises is less, so the overall resource output changes relatively little. On the demand side, due to the approaching off-season, there is a certain shrinkage. According to the statistics of Lange Net, the total inventory of Square Management in 29 key cities in China is about 995,900 tons, which has been rising from decline, so we can see that the demand is indeed falling. In addition, the inventory of Wu'an in Handan, a major iron and steel town, has remained at about 206,000 tons, showing a downward trend. This reflects that the digestion of resources in the regional market is still not low. According to market feedback, due to the low price of Wu'an in Handan, the expansion of resource radiation scope, the longer distance to the periphery and the increase of resources, the digestion speed of local resources is faster and more obvious. Generally speaking, if the latter stage of environmental protection intensifies the reduction of steel production, coupled with the decline in terminal demand, market sentiment is low, economic pressure and unstable peripheral factors, so as to make short position preponderant, price pressure. Today, the tailstock rebounds and rises, but the range is small, so the square tube of our country will remain weak tomorrow.


    As for the square price, as of June 4, the average price of 16-25mm plate in key cities in China remained at 3954 yuan (ton price, the same below), 13 yuan lower than the previous trading day, 68 yuan lower than the same period last week, 128 yuan lower than the same period last month. 

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