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    方管市场价格稳中趋强。据市场了解,昨日武安市政府印发《武安市2019年钢铁焦化水泥行业三季度大气污染防治差别化管控实施方案》通知以及第二轮第一批中央生态环境保 护督察即将全面启动的消息并未对市场产生明显影响,而今日或是由于此消息发酵,加上铁矿石止跌回涨,期货市场高开走强,部分现货市场信心提振,国内方管市 场价格意外回升。目前,国内主导城市邯郸、唐山、江阴、乐从方管主流价格在3840、3880、3870、4050元左右,相比之下,北方市场回升较为明 显,而南方由于环保限产对其影响较小,以平稳操作为主。现截至尾盘,期螺收于4042元,涨50元,不过,午盘后市期货拉涨略显不足,另外,在淡季需求低 迷的情况下,今日市场整体成交较为一般。故综上所述,基本面利空对峙,价格震荡波动,但在无重大因素刺激下,价格波幅变化不会很大,因此预计明日国内方管价格或呈现窄幅调整态势。

    Square management market prices are stabilizing and becoming stronger. According to market understanding, the announcement issued by the Wu'an Municipal Government yesterday on the implementation plan of differential air pollution control in the third quarter of 2019 for the iron and Steel coking cement industry in Wu'an City and the news that the second round of the first batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors will be launched in an all-round way have no obvious impact on the market, but today or because of this news. Fermentation, combined with iron ore stop falling and rising again, futures market opened up and strengthened, some spot market confidence boosted, and domestic market prices unexpectedly rebounded. At present, the mainstream prices of Handan, Tangshan, Jiangyin and Lecong square pipes are around 3840, 3880, 3870 and 4050 yuan. By contrast, the northern market has rebounded more obviously, while the southern market has less impact on them due to environmental protection and production restriction, and mainly operates smoothly. As of the end of the day, futures closed at 4042 yuan, up 50 yuan. However, the afternoon futures rally was slightly inadequate. In addition, in the case of low demand in the off-season, today's overall market turnover is relatively general. Therefore, in summary, the price fluctuation is caused by the confrontation between the bearish and bearish fundamentals, but the price fluctuation will not change greatly without the stimulation of major factors. Therefore, it is anticipated that the domestic regulated prices will show a narrow adjustment trend tomorrow.


    As far as the square price is concerned, as of July 9, the average price of 16-25mm plate in key cities in China remained at 3963 yuan (ton price, the same below), which was 9 yuan higher than the previous trading day, 30 yuan lower than the same period last week and 18 yuan higher than the same period last month. 

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