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    本周北京方管出货没有改善,加之消息面利空占据主导,致使市场成交不佳,贸易商操作偏于下调。14-25mm敬业方管3860(吨价,下同),天钢3850元,14-25mm锰板4060元,较上周同期下跌30元。结算过后,市场价格临近呈 现加速回落走势,8月份北京方管开门黑。周初开盘,受期货及外围市场下跌带动,本地敬业相对高价的敬业资源小幅下跌10元,天钢维稳,由于目前方管库存不大,因此本地价格基本以维稳为 主。临近周末,消息面各种利空发酵,一方面特朗普再此发文表示9月1日对3千亿中国商品征收关税,另外中美贸易第十三轮贸易磋商以无果告终,消息面的不给 力致使本周下旬价格加速回落。

    This week, the shipment of Beijing's local management did not improve, and the news was dominated by short-term, resulting in poor market turnover, TRADERS'operation was downgraded. 14-25mm dedicated square pipe 3860 (ton price, the same below), Tiangang 3850 yuan, 14-25mm manganese plate 4060 yuan, 30 yuan lower than the same period last week. After the settlement, market prices are approaching an accelerated downward trend. In August, Beijing opened its doors. At the beginning of the week, driven by the decline of futures and peripheral markets, the local dedication resources, which are relatively high in price, slightly dropped by 10 yuan. Tiangang maintained a stable market. At present, due to the small inventory of local management, the local price is basically stable. Near the end of the week, all kinds of bad news fermented. On the one hand, Trump said that he would impose tariffs on 300 billion Chinese products in September 1st. Besides, the thirteenth round of trade negotiations between China and the United States ended in no result. 据悉,本周大户出货在200吨左右,差时在几十吨,本周到货小于出货,方管库存小幅下跌。据我网统计,截止8月2日北京方管库存0.91万吨,周环比降3.2%。本地方管厂家心态暂且平稳,没有出现恐慌性竞价现象。

    It is reported that this week, large households shipped about 200 tons, a difference of tens of tons, less than this week's arrival, square control inventory slightly declined. According to our statistics, as of August 2, Beijing's square pipe inventory was 9.1 million tons, a 3.2% drop in circumferential ratio. The mentality of local businessmen is temporarily stable, and there is no panic bidding phenomenon.

    8月份而言吗,北京方管市场需求仍然没有完全放开,由于板材商家大多搬迁,因此下游主要是周边钢结构厂,工程机械和工地的消化为主,在目前行情 下,下游拿货偏于观望。据悉,本周敬业、天钢锁价3880-3890元,成本仍然偏高,不考虑优惠的情况下,商家价格已经倒挂,在成本端的支撑下,预计北 京方管抗性仍然较强,若无利好出台,预计下周价格以维稳为主。

    In August, Beijing square pipe market demand is still not fully liberalized, because most of the plate merchants relocated, so the downstream is mainly peripheral steel structure factories, construction machinery and site digestion, in the current market, downstream take goods on the sidelines. It is reported that this week's dedicated, Tiangang lock price 3880-3890 yuan, the cost is still on the high side, regardless of preferential conditions, business prices have been hanging upside down, under the support of the cost side, it is expected that Beijing square tube resistance is still strong, if not a good introduction, it is expected that next week's price is mainly to maintain stability.

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