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    The market price is stable. On the market side, in today's leading market areas such as Shanghai and Wuxi, the downstream demand is low, the shipment is poor, the thin-walled pipes in Shanghai are very popular, and there is a shortage of thin-walled pipes in Wuxi. The shipment in Central and South China is general today. The phenomenon of lack of specifications is slightly better than that in South China. The spot stock in Zhengzhou is still acceptable. At present, the downstream demand of domestic iron and steel market is still sluggish. Square managers are cautious in replenishing stores. Due to the neighboring National Day, the implementation of environmental protection and production restriction policy is imminent. Therefore, the overall Square managed price in China has a certain resistance to falling. Generally speaking, the short-term domestic market price is still strong and stable. 管坯方面,今日管坯价格稳,现常州东方20#热轧管坯出厂价为3880元;江鑫20#热轧管坯出厂价为3800元;鲁丽20#热轧管坯出厂价为 3770元;天钢20#热轧管坯出厂价为3820元;淮钢20#热轧管坯出厂价为4010元;中天20#热轧管坯出厂价为4000元;长强20#热轧管坯 出厂价为3950元。

    As for tube billet, today the price of tube billet is stable. The ex-factory price of Changzhou Dongfang 20 # hot-rolled tube billet is 3880 yuan; Jiangxin 20 # hot-rolled tube billet is 3800 yuan; Luli 20 # hot-rolled tube billet is 3770 yuan; Tiangang 20 # hot-rolled tube billet is 3820 yuan; Huaihua 20 # hot-rolled tube billet is 4010 yuan; Zhongtian 20 # hot-rolled tube billet is 40 yuan. 00 yuan; Changqiang 20# hot-rolled tube billet ex-factory price is 3950 yuan.

    方管厂家方面,本周管坯价格略有回涨,方管厂家价格依然坚挺,。今日国内主导方管出厂:临沂108*4.5普轧4550-4650元,连轧4710 元,219*6-4500,325*8-4800;汇丰219-325系列4550元;凤宝89*4.5-4650;磐金73-133*4-4.5基价 4590;聊城中厚壁4500-4550元;新冶特钢219*6-4450,整体方管价格稳。

    As for square tube manufacturers, the price of tube blanks rose slightly this week, while square tube manufacturers'prices remained firm. Today, the domestic leading square pipe factory: Linyi 108*4.5 general rolling 4550-4650 yuan, continuous rolling 4710 yuan, 219*6-4500, 325*8-4800; HSBC 219-325 series 4550 yuan; Fengbao 89*4.5-4650; Panjin 73-133*4-4.5 basic price 4590; Liaocheng medium-thick wall 4500-4550 yuan; Xinye Special Steel 219*6-4450, the overall square pipe price is stable.


    Price: Today, we are in charge of key cities. The average price of 108*4.5mm is 4936 yuan, stable. Wuxi, Liaocheng, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou and other places offer 4600-4800 yuan, stable. Today's snail concussion upward, but the overall domestic steel market prices are stable.

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