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    方管市场价格稳中有升。周一开盘,期货市场高位震荡,国内中板市场价格稳中有升。目前国内主导城市:邯郸武安、天津、江阴、上海、乐从等区域价格分别运行在3670、 3670、3760、3750、3950元左右。较上周同期相比,华北邯郸、天津等地小幅回升20元左右;华东及华南价格表现欠佳,上海跌60元,江阴涨 10元,乐从持平。价差来看,天津乐从价差基本在300元左右震荡。纵观市场,前段时间因利空影响,使钢价阴跌不止,然而随着利空出尽,利好渐显,期现市 场整体呈现触底回升之态。不过,目前市场仍以刚需为主,方管厂家投机需求虽有释放,但在中秋假日及70周年大庆来临之际,需求方面依旧受限。另外,今日期货虽 高位震荡,但表现相对一般,市场成交不佳,究其原因,或是由于降准预期发酵作用减弱,利好支撑不足引起。钢厂及产量方面,7月国内粗钢日均产量增速回落, 但年同比于仍高30%左右,且前期钢企利润多接近成本线,加之限产影响,部分钢企产量下降。另据了解,今日市场有口头传闻唐山今年采暖季和重污染天气防治 结合由生态环保局安排方案,共计七个月213天,分三个阶段,前一个半月,中间四个月,后一个半月,供暖企业限产比例50%、30%、50%,非供暖企业 50%、50%、0%;对市场或也有些许扰动作用。因此综合而言,多空依旧交织,但短期内方管市场或仍保持谨慎乐观心态。

    The market price has risen steadily. Opening Monday, the futures market high shock, domestic mid-plate market prices steadily rose. At present, the regional prices of Handan, Wuan, Tianjin, Jiangyin, Shanghai and Lecong are running around 3670, 3760, 3750 and 3950 yuan respectively. Compared with the same period last week, Handan, Tianjin and other places in North China recovered slightly by about 20 yuan, while prices in East and South China did not perform well, with Shanghai falling by 60 yuan and Jiangyin rising by 10 yuan. In terms of price difference, the price difference of Lecong in Tianjin is about 300 yuan. Throughout the market, the short-term impact of the previous period of time, so that steel prices continue to decline, but as the short-term out, the good gradually became apparent, the market as a whole is showing a bottoming rebound. However, at present, the market is still dominated by just demand. Although the speculative demand of local managers has been released, the demand is still limited in the Mid-Autumn holidays and the 70th anniversary celebrations. In addition, today's futures, although high volatility, but relatively general performance, market turnover is not good, the reason, or due to the reduction of the expected fermentation role weakened, good support is insufficient. In terms of steel mills and production, the average daily output growth rate of crude steel declined in July, but it was still about 30% higher than that of the previous year, and the profit of steel enterprises was close to the cost line in the earlier period. In addition, the output of some steel enterprises decreased due to the effect of production restriction. It is also learned that there are oral rumors in the market today that Tangshan's heating season and heavy pollution weather prevention and control are arranged by the Eco-Environmental Protection Bureau for a total of seven months and 213 days, which are divided into three stages: the first half month, the middle four months, and the latter half month. The proportion of production restrictions for heating enterprises is 50%, 30%, 50%, and for non-heating enterprises is 50%, 50%, and 0%. There may also be some disruption to the market. So overall, the long and short are still intertwined, but the market may remain cautiously optimistic in the short term. 方管价格方面,截至9月9日,国内重点城市16-25mm普板主流价格保持在3801元(吨价,下同),均价较上个交易日上涨6元,较上周同期上涨20元,较上月同期下跌77元。

    As for the square price, as of September 9, the mainstream price of 16-25mm board in key cities in China remained at 3801 yuan (ton price, the same below). The average price was 6 yuan higher than the previous trading day, 20 yuan higher than the same period last week, and 77 yuan lower than the same period last month.

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