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    方管价格稳中趋弱,今日唐山小窄带价格开盘持稳,成交量一般,尤其部分高价企业更是成交寥寥,因此厂家盘中回降以求出货,部分企业更是盘中 累降。今日期货市场持续高位运行,唐山普方坯市场持稳运行,钢坯直发现货也尚可,无奈小窄带下游市场始终不见起色,并且现在的市场价格未能触及到方管厂家以 及下游企业的心理价位,因此才致使整体成交量的减少;唐山355方管主流较昨降20,中宽带较昨降20,目前下游订单情况尚可,但今日黑色系期货持绿震 荡,下游市场信心不足,因此采货积极性也减少。方管供应端依然较为稳定,需求逐渐回暖,库存再次出现下降,因此厂商挺价意愿较浓?;厍?,跟随主导市场 小幅下调市价,跌后市场成交相对清淡。临近中秋小长假,方管市场需求并未如方管厂家的预期放量,所以价格上涨动力不足?;系厍?,受黑色系期货影响,加之北方地 区主导市场厂价下调,今日当地方管厂家也小幅下调报价,目前成交一般,依然是受高库存热卷资源打压,客户多选择相关联产品替代。综合来看,明日国内方管或将窄幅趋弱运行为主。

    The price of square tube is stabilizing and weakening. Today, the price of small narrow band in Tangshan is opening steadily, and the turnover is general. Especially, some high-priced enterprises have very few transactions. Therefore, the manufacturers'prices are falling back in order to get delivery, and some enterprises are declining in the market. Today's futures market continues to operate at a high level, Tangshan's general billet market maintains stable operation, billet direct discovery is still acceptable, but the small narrow-band downstream market has not improved, and the current market price has not touched the psychological price of the square tube manufacturers and downstream enterprises, thus resulting in a reduction in the overall turnover of 355 parties in Tangshan; The mainstream is down 20% from yesterday and broadband is down 20% from yesterday. At present, the downstream order situation is still acceptable. However, today's black futures are shaking green and the downstream market is not confident enough, so the enthusiasm for purchasing is also reduced. Square pipe supply side is still relatively stable, demand is gradually warming up, inventory is falling again, so the willingness of firms to bid is strong. In East China, the market price was slightly lowered following the leading market, and the market turnover was relatively light after the fall. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the market demand is not as large as the expected volume of Fangguan manufacturers, so the incentive for price rise is insufficient. Affected by black futures in South China and the price reduction in the dominant market in North China, local managers have also slightly lowered their quotations today. At present, the transaction is normal, but it is still suppressed by high inventory hot coil resources. Customers often choose related products to replace them. In a word, tomorrow's domestic domestic management may be weakening in narrow band. 方管价格方面:唐山热轧方管(2.5*355mm)唐山瑞丰3680较昨降20;天津热轧方管 4.0*(480-570)天津荣钢送到大邱庄价3745较昨日降20;无锡热轧方管(2.5*355mm)中天3860较昨日稳,莱芜热轧方管2.5* (232-355)莱钢3780较昨日降10,唐山热轧小窄带报3690较昨降20。

    The square pipe price: Tangshan hot-rolled square pipe (2.5*355mm) Tangshan Ruifeng 3680 was 20% lower than yesterday; Tianjin hot-rolled square pipe 4.0* (480-570) Tianjin Ronggang delivered to Daqiu Zhuang 3745 was 20% lower than yesterday; Wuxi hot-rolled square pipe (2.5*355mm) Zhongtian 3860 was more stable than yesterday, Laiwu hot-rolled square pipe 2.5* (232-355) Laiwu hot-rolled square pipe 3780 was 10% lower than yesterday, and Tangshan hot-rolled steel was smaller. Narrow band report 3690 is 20% lower than yesterday.

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