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    Domestic tube prices first fell and then rose, slightly fell in the first ten days, and increased significantly in the second and second half of the year, with a cumulative increase of 20 yuan/ton over last weekend. Affected by the sharp rebound in imported mines, domestic mines have also increased this month. In addition, some blast furnaces in Tangshan area have recovered slightly in the middle and late stages of maintenance and production reduction. With the appropriate increase in square pipe purchasing, the turnover of domestic mines has improved. In the case of weak supply willingness of local mines, it is expected that the price of square tube will be relatively stable next month. Recently, due to the continuous decline in international management and coal prices, traders have been reading the bottom, and Australian miners have increased their shipments, which has pushed the dry bulk market prices to rebound substantially. However, the basic supply and demand situation of the industry remains unchanged, domestic demand remains weak, and short-term demand will face a downturn in the off-season, coupled with the existing capacity digestion still takes time, it is expected that the current sharp rebound in freight rates will be unsustainable.


    In the early part of this month, the prices of construction steel factories generally fell sharply. With the stabilization of steel prices in the middle and late part of this month, the ex-factory prices of some seamless square pipe factories have not been adjusted much, and the ex-factory prices of some seamless square pipe factories have also increased slightly. Among them, Shagang and Yonggang steelmakers, which were priced in 10 days, cut their ex-factory prices by 200-260 yuan/ton in early June. After that, their prices remained stable in Mid-and late-June. Hebei Iron and Steel's settlement price in June was significantly reduced by 160-280 yuan/ton on the basis of the guided prices. After this month's lagging reduction of steel mill prices, the upside-down between the ex-factory prices of leading steel mills in various regions and the market prices of P110 oil casing pipe is not large enough, and the pressure of further reduction of ex-factory prices will be eased in the later period. However, it is worth mentioning that with the continuous tension of the capital chain, Pingte Iron and Steel Co. of Jiangxi Province stopped production this month because of the break of the capital chain, reflecting that the current living conditions of small and medium-sized steel enterprises have been quite difficult. Later, it is not excluded that some steel mills issued extreme price policies to withdraw funds. At present, the domestic production of square tubes remains at a high level, and there is still a demand for rigid raw materials. However, with the loss of steel mills and the increasing efforts of national environmental protection management, it is expected that the domestic production of square tubes will decline in May. In addition to the current prudence of steel mills in purchasing raw materials, it is expected that the market of square tubes, coke and other raw materials will continue to be dominated by consolidation in July. 

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